"Love Your Machine and It Will Love You Back" By Big Poppa, 2nd VP

     In the middle of winter, what do we do?  The weather is brutal; too brutal to ride!  We have snow on the streets, black ice 'Meets and Greets', cold air numbs the hands and feets, LOL.  We still need to stay ready; keep the machine lean and mean and ready to roll.     Turn the switch and hit that start button, listen to that sweet music your pipes play.  If you are like me you ride all year, but February is a tough month!  Even with heated gear from head to toe, fifteen to thirty-two degrees are hard core temperatures to ride in and don't even add precipitation to that.  Occasionally, we get a tease; warmer temps may hit the fifties to even sixties, these days in February are rare.     The trick is to stay ready...keep it tight which is difficult to phathom in the winter months.  Stay on top of your maintenance, check your tire pressure and wear, fluids, brakes, cables, washes, waxes, vinyl and leather, cleaning and care, leather gear, heated gear, battery on battery tender, rain gear check for leaks and make sure it fits and on and on til the break of dawn...     Daytona Bike Week in Daytona, Florida marks the beginning of the riding season.  If you keep your machine ready during the dog days of February, Spring time will be sweeter because it's ready to roll.     All you need at that point is a phone call, email, text message or smoke signal from one of your Tuskegee Airmen and you are flying high and straight!  Maybe you don't even need an Airmen to ride with.  Maybe you want to fly solo for the day.  Whatever you choose "straighten up and fly right".  Go and spend some time with your machine, talk to it, get reacquainted, caress it, feed it, embrace it; Love it and it will love you back! CARPE' DIEM    


Southern Maryland
United States